Little Prayer

I have been at school one week and three days and it already feels like a job. Well studying is my job. I am having loads of work. But I believe in me and I will survive from it I have no doubt.

It is 12 AM at night and tomorrow is a school day. I just was not able to sleep and can’t stand my bed at the moment so I came here to write some thoughts. I thought about my life and mistakes in bed. I’ve learnt from them but I still do feel pain. I don’t know when the pain is going to disappear (if ever) but I will do my best to not make same mistakes again.

I have asked for forgiveness from God and I know he has given it to me but for me it is hard to stop punishing myself. I pray Him to stop me. I feel I have lost something precious because of my mistake when in fact I have not. I am just too hard for myself.

I thank you Jesus for everything I have now. For everything good and those people who love me and care for me. Guide me in this road and protect me. Heal my pain. And forgive me the bad things I have done. Help me with the schoolwork too. Amen.

True love is unconditional.

I added a picture of the sunrise to the end of this post to remind us of the new day. FUTURE.



3 thoughts on “Little Prayer

  1. Everyday is like a blank sheet. Forget the mistake of the past, learn from the scars and let it allow it make u a better person. Its not about not making mistakes. Its how we recover from the mistakes we make that defines us. You have got to forgive yourself mate. Not doing that is a mistake by itself :)

  2. God has forgiven you….you need to forgive yourself and move on. There are lots of great things that can still be done in life. Everyday= New opportunities to make a difference.

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