Sweet Rhymes Of Life

Hey all, been quiet for a while because of school work but I am doing fine anyway. Wrote some pieces.
Would share some rhymes with y’all now. Enjoy!

Many times tried, many times failed, still willing to fight. But as much as I fight I still can fail as much as I try. Will to try, the will to live still as strong as my fight. Trying to will is hard, will to try is the right way to go in life.

Perfect love is hard to find. In fact love should not make you cry. But since we are human so fragile we would do so much for the beautiful privilege of life.

I have a dream. My dream is clued with a blue tool to my sweetest moon. It is transferred with the Bluetooth with a happy mood. In my dream I eat food in the moon with a spoon. I am blessed with a boon of catching balloons. So I watch cartoons sitting middle of my moon’s dunes. I spend my afternoons hearing cool tunes.

In these thoughts I leave you and wishing good night. Have a great week ahead!




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