Sharing My Time Between School, Club, Udoka…

I miss blogging. I have been very busy with school specially now when I have my exam week so I have not had time to blog in ages. Sometimes I can’t even visit on my blogs when I visit PC between reading because it makes me miss writing. Well even though I am focusing on school I have time to my hobbies. I could not live without Udoka. Udoka means so much to me.

Last Monday was the second time I had my club. To new ones who read my blog: I am a club director and with my colleague I take care of  7-12 years old children on Mondays from 5.30 PM to 7.00 PM. We play together, paint, make food, watch movies, go out and draw. Everything possible stuff we invent to do.

I did two bracelets with my name and HmusicK. We didn’t have many kids last time and the club is starting slowly but soon there would be more people. Anyway when I was doing those bracelets I felt the creativity I had when I was younger, coming up again. It was very nice to relax and choose pearls.

Does the order tell something about me?

In the other news, remember I had those two phones? E72 and N97 Mini. I got a Nokia shirt from WOM/World Nokia and a bag + some other stuff. I did not know I was going to get them so it was a very nice surprise and a gift.

Just to announce I am now officially working. Yes, I will get money now to save to the phone of my dreams. I would deliver papers two times a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This will be a lot of work though but I want to try. If it gets too hard with school and my hobbies I would have to quit. Although it would be affecting to my internet time which means less blogging. But I have a solution: I would decide a time on Sundays when I take a couple of hours to work on that if I feel like it.

Because I will be blogging less you can check what I am up to on Twitter: 1HmusicK. Follow me there!

Take care everyone and happy autumn to all! It is getting darker and colder here in north but I’ll be fine (waiting for next summer :) ).

Baby you’re so one in a million.


2 thoughts on “Sharing My Time Between School, Club, Udoka…

  1. Seen… Okay, now I understand what your club’s about. Best of luck with it, okay? Have a nice week…

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