Hey all, been again, so long while since I have blogged anything. I totally forgot my Sunday plan and last Sunday I was in training so I could not work on my blog. Anyway the plan is to have one big blog and not many. And this blog will be the place though. But all I need is time to make that happen. And I have one week holiday coming up (thank God) this month. I would focus on blogging then.

Now it is my new study period and I got homework already as usual. The time really does fly because this is my second and I have five study periods. I love my new school and I really like my new friends so I am quite happy at the moment. But I am very busy and I barely have time to see my friends online or real life. I need to figure something out because I don’t want to lose contact and stuff.

I also have a lot of activities outside of school and I have free evenings just about four. One free day. And that is not much at all because I have homework and I should see my friends who I miss a lot. I would have to see a solution in that. And since I now have a job I go out a lot more and it is doing good for my shape and health.

Udoka is something really special at this time because there I get to see people I love. And I really enjoy it after a hard week. I wish I could invite all people I know online with us too.

Look at the sky.
Can you see the stars fly?
Would you lie here in my arms?
Just hear me breathing to your ear.
Feeling my heartbeat on your back.
Like a rhythm box.

I need you to be my star so when you shine I know where you are. I’ll always wanna feel your heart, forever and ever, whenever we’re apart.

I wish a great September to all! I have a new haircut by the way and I am glad many has loved it.




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