Out of words to say
out of order to function
out of mind to pull trough
out of everything that matters
out of reason to actually give it everything

Don’t hit me this hard
but I know I hit worse
so I just whine for nothing
why do I whine? Stupid me. I’m not the one who should ever compare it.

The pain on my chest
it is slowly creeping in
why do I do such wrong things? Isn’t it better for me just fade away?
Why God, why are we so bad persons? Why do we have
the power to kill?
the power to say bad words?
the power do the wrong thing?
the power to hurt?

And the list goes on and on. I am so in pain when I know it is because of us, human flesh.

All I can do is to pray Jesus to forgive me, wash it away. There is so many bad things I can do. Too many to even mention. We are so weak.



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