Around The Corner

Haven’t been in a mood for blogging in a long time. This past year at school has been one of the hardest in my life. Ironically it has also been one of the happiest too. I feel sick when I think about the last exam week I’m heading to tomorrow. But on the brighter side it is my last this spring and I can finally have time to breathe. Summer holiday. It has been a year. Haven’t been lying on my last summer’s posts… I missed summer so bad and waited one to come again and now the long waited, hot, relaxing SUMMER is just around the corner.

I have missed blogging so bad too. I’ve had to give up on many of my hobbies and free time activities because of school. Many have said to me that there is time for everything and I’ve been relying on that. When I think about my life now I can just say: Wow. It is summer 2011. I have two years left in this school and time flies so fast. I’ve made friends for life (well the most important friendship I made two years ago) and couldn’t be better in that matter.

Will blog more later. Love you all. And check out the new cool look of bigbrovar and his sleek photography blog.


And no one knows that I’m into you

Baby, we’re stuck with each other
Stuck in love with each other
Cause it’s too late, there’s no escape, might as well face it,
Baby, we’re stuck with each other
Stuck in love with each other

PS. Kesä on täällä taas. <3 Ihanaa Leijonat Ihanaa! Kyllä nyt kelpaa aloittaa kesä MM-kullalla. Ilmaveivikin oli huippu. ;) Suomi/Finland, Mä rakastan kotimaatani/I love my homeland. Viimeinen puristus ennen kesää edessä. Tsemppiä kaikille. We can make it.

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