Big Talk: Summer

IT IS OVER! Yay, summer is here. I have a long holiday now. Today is like my 3rd day of vacation and I’m super excited. This summer is going to be great. I don’t have particular plans for summer, but my summer job will start on 27th of June and lasts five weeks. Planning to get a tan and go to the beach with friends and enjoy the sun and freedom.

One day I was out with my good friend Mari and we witnessed nice music session outside in town. Felt like summer already. On Friday after school I went to my friend’s place to spend some girl time. It was awesome and I enjoyed it a lot. Me and six girl friends watched movie and ate like horses. We had so much fun too. A great start for the summer.

I filmed a small video too:

My report was good and I’m pleased with it. Now I just want to chill out and take the summer as it comes. I’m also starting to go to Udoka again because now I have time and energy. Happy summer everyone!

May God’s Love Be With You Always


Just chilling (my leggings match with my blog color :p):

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