Summer Sunshine And R(P)ain

I’ve been hanging out with friends, been up late (everyday), shopping (need more money though :/), on the beach…


Last week was CRAZY. I was so busy seeing friends and been in Udoka practices. And there were a lot of them. We had rehearsals on Wednesday, Thursday (also a performance), Friday and a performance on Saturday. So many good and bad moments. I don’t remember much what happened before Wednesday. On Wednesday I was happy to see my friend Paula after a long time. Thursday was cool and the performance (just drumming) went well. Friday was a great day too because I spent some quality time with Paula and Mari. You can see and read all about these three days on Paula’s Blog: Wednesday and Thursday, Friday and Saturday. (Unfortunately in Finnish but great pictures of us.) Saturday was nice too even though it was raining a lot. I also danced. :)

We left the shore, on the boat.

On Friday night I got really bad news from my ♥ (yes, Paula I’m copying you). So the next two days went kind of in a blur. I got into situations I’ve never been into before and had no idea how to prepare myself emotionally. Also the hardest time of the month wasn’t helping at all. Luckily the bad news turned out good and pain on the chest eased up. But past days have gone by in wondering how to deal with things I just went trough. In my mind things are still messed but on the outside I have calmed down.

Today was the first day of work. Work is okay but it is a bit :/ because I sure would like to be just lazy but I’m keeping eye on the money I will be getting. I will have work for the next 6 weeks. I’m happy though that I got a summer job. I need the money and it is good to get work experience. My workmates are nice too.


Still on the positive track. I’m so happy that I have my ♥ and friends who are there for me in times like this. I love you.

Don’t worry my dear it’s going to be okay


And I don’t care what they say
I’m gonna be with you
I’m gonna be with you
I wanna be with you


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