African Sunday

This is my 130th post on HmusicK! Hey all. I have had nice time at work and I think I can enjoy the time at work for the next 4 and half weeks. Last Sunday I had cool time at church and was enjoying in African style prepared dinner. I was at my friend, Ayo’s place. He is Nigerian. At the church we were greeted by a pleasant surprise. Choir from Sambia was attending to our English Service (Of Pentecostal church of Tampere). They sang only one song for us. But a very jamming song though. :)

Later in the evening we made some huge meal. We made rice, meat (in a tomato souce of course, called soup^^), fish (that was rolled over in flour and fried) and vegetables. Ayo always cooks huge meals for me when I go visit him and he is always saying that it is good for me anyway. Well when I get home I’m very swollen but happy. :) This time there wasn’t too much pepper (chili ;)) actually maybe even too little for me. Because you know, when Nigerians (don’t want to generalize: Africans) cook anything they put A LOT of pepper/chili to it.

As for me eating this pepper food at home here in Finland is practicing for the coming trip to Africa someday. Because there the food is so different from what we eat here. Our food has no much spice whatsoever.

My delicious plate

The food was really good and I can’t wait to visit Africa (Nigeria, if you don’t know by now :p). And this pot of ice cream crowned it all:

So this week on Monday I was having some less active (bored lol) time at work so I took advantage of it and changed to an artist for a moment:

Heading to an active week. Tomorrow going to see a movie Transformers 3 with my family. Going to Udoka on Thursday. Friday shopping and Saturday Mari’s Birthday party! Waited for that for so long time. :)

To the end I might add: I miss my ♥ a lot. Take care sweets.

I stole these: ‘(‘ and ‘)’ from you :p



4 thoughts on “African Sunday

  1. Was that ZVC? Zambian Vocal Collection? I’ve seen that in Akaa church in 2009, they had a long concert in there. Awesome one. One of my work mates bought the cd and i borrowed it and put the songs into my computer. Some to my phone, too.

    And when u asked, if i go to english service… did u mean this pentecostal church’s one? i don’t go there (didnt even know that they have english service. though i thought that they might have) but lutheran+anglican church’s ones.

    And (such a long comment now) i was soooo surprised when i saw some veggies at ur plate! i have never seen any, when i have eaten food made by nigerians. :P

    Hopefully we’ll see at the party, i havent fully decided yet, if i come or not…. take care, Hanski!<3

    1. Actually I have no idea who they were. They just sang in there. :D And I would like to have their CD too. And yes I did. But yes I go to Pentecostal church actually.

      HAHAHAHa, well actually Ayo is very aware of the stuff he eats and he really eats vegetables and salad. He knows about calories and stuff more than I do. hehe :)

      AWWWW you should totally come!! Would love that.
      You too, honey.

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