Pen And The Keyboard

Hey all my readers! In this post I’m telling my story of writing. I actually started writing this many months ago but never got it done so now here it is.

I’ve always been a writer. After I learnt how to read and write I’ve expressed myself trough a pen and now many years later trough a keyboard. I wouldn’t say I was born to write, but I was determined to write. I read books a lot as well (these days I don’t seem to have time for it at all, unfortunately). I can write deep analysis about the book I’ve read. When I was around ten years old we had this “must-read-10-books-per-year” portfolio (we had it on 4th, 5th and 6th grade). It got me so excited about reading and writing about the book I had just read. I analysed over 20 books per a year. And of course I read more than that but I was overloaded to write about them all.

I’ve never really been considered as a nerd kid (at least nobody has ever said that to me) because of my writing or reading. Probably because A) no one knew about my writings B) my reading habit wasn’t noticed. So when I was badly bullied I couldn’t find the answer to my question why from my nerd habits. Oh well, that’s past and I realized there is no answer to the question why.

I wrote a true story of my bullying after 6th grade and it was published in a magazine. It was a simple, but cruel truth of what happened. I wasn’t expressing any self-pity or bitterness. Almost like a report, but you could read the pain between the lines. That was the first writing that was public. Right now I have these blogs (I should write in Finnish though as well). I feel like translating my story some day into English.

I can imagine myself writing a book some day (published also as an e-book too :p lol). It might be about my life or a novel. Only writing I practice nowadays is my blogs and school essays. I wish I had time to write more though. But you must have priorities in life and right now school’s the most important.

My life’s in the hands of God but if I live long enough to make my dreams come true it would have something to do with internet and writing.

Newsflash: 2 and half weeks to go at work. After that 1 and half weeks before I go back to school. I’m having mixed feelings about it though. I wouldn’t want to go to school but again I will see my friends and get one more year starting. I will take it easy and go to bed early.

I have spent more money than I’ve ever spent… Have been shopping and so on. But am going to save anyway… :D

Enjoy Your June people!

Boy you got my heartbeat runnin’ away
Beating like a drum and it’s coming your way
Can’t you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom, bass
Yeah that’s that super bass


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