For The Times

For the times
When I did not know
That life could be this good
I’m going to live like there was only today
And this moment
Yesterday is just another page in my book
Gone chance to change things
Let’s hope I can make it better today
Make up for the rainy day

A poem for the rainy day

Sometimes I feel like this next song when I relate with people who are past in my life. How many ridiculous fights have ended friendships? Too many. Guess they never were worth it.

Hey there stranger, how you been?
Feels like I’m standing on the outside looking in
At the mess we left behind
And it’s a long way to fall
I gave you everything I had
I gave it all
And then my heart was on the line

I can’t hate you
Any longer
I know I’m going to miss you
I’ll forget it and let it go

Say hello to goodbye, cause it’s gone forever

(Shontelle – Say Hello To Goodbye)

Today was my last day at work. It was sad to leave at work but not because of work itself but great coworkers. They’re so sweet and we have great jokes. Inside jokes are the best. Now I have my mini holiday before school starts. 1 and half weeks time to breathe and then we GO. And it is gonna be a long year but I’ll be positive and now I know what to expect and I will take care of myself so that I won’t stress myself out.

I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies in a row. I have watched the first five movies now. They’re fun movies though. The best: Harry’s kiss. Lol.

I never want to loose you. Tonight IT is just you and me.


The song of the Day

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