August Sweet August

I should probably tell you about my last Thursday though. It was the biggest Udoka event of the year. There were djembes, feathers, sticks, Africans, mixed kids (how cute), fire and of course dancing (lots of it). It was amazing. One and half hour gig and the audience wanted more. I danced 3 dances and we had fire shows. I might download videos of it to YouTube.

On Friday after the gig I just relaxed at home and was just so tired.

On Saturday I was out with my school friends who I haven’t seen in a while. They were awesome. And somehow… I ended up to express my mind to Slut Walk with my friend. Yes, you read it right. Slut Walk. Those events I never thought I would be a part of. But well I thought it would be fun and for a good thing. I wasn’t dressing (I didn’t know I was going there) anything revealing. My first manifestation ever. Got a good feeling after it because it felt like I did something right.

Today, I’ve been hanging out with ♥ and it has been great…. except my throat got sore Saturday night and it got worse in the morning. I wasn’t dressing properly and it was cold outside plus not so great sleep. Now my throat is better and I pray that it is not going to get worse.

August sweet August. Only two days before I’m back to school officially. On the 10th of August I am going to step up of the stairs to the building I have a love-hate relationship with at 10 AM on Wednesday morning. As I go I will wave goodbyes to the summer which was the fastest summer ever. The autumn wind will carefully touch my face on the door when I’m reaching to open it. There are going to be many of other students rushing in so I have to speed up my last step. As I step to the hallway I take a deep breath and say to myself  “you can do this, Hanna-Kaisa”.

Yes, this is my second year. Also everybody says it is also the toughest year. Well, when I look at my 5 periods I can only agree. The game is over guys. No, not quite. It will be fine and I will do well. I’m going to do my best. I’m waiting to see my friends everyday and enjoying lunch together and having fun too. Well, when we are not sweating with essays, that is.

Can we make wishes out of airplanes like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now.



2 thoughts on “August Sweet August

  1. ihanaa, jos tykkäsit slutwalkin hengestä! :) mun kaveri itseasiassa järjesti sen ;) (tampereen slutwalkin)

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