Books And Fancy Words

I admit I am inspired by my English book. Yes, my course number four study English book. I love the flow of the words in the chapters. Of course the words are getting more and more difficult but they’re fascinating actually. One of my favorite phrases in chapter three is: “It’s a struggle that touches each and every one of us”. (From the one of the first speeches of Barack Obama)

I also learnt many new words: “sense of social justice, servitude, fairness and injustice” are my favorite words, not because of their meaning though. Chapter three is about Barack Obama and Martin Luther King and their famous speeches. We would also talk about important things such as Apartheid and discrimination. “Change is gonna come”, “Change has come to America”and “I have a dream” are all famous phrases of these speeches.

I just read a genius book for my Finnish course at school. George Orwell’s Animal Farm (1945) is an awesome description of abusing authority. The Animals of an English farm start a revolution and drive away the humans who had been ruling over them. The equality rules in the farm until the pigs are shown out to be more clever than the others. They take the lead and are not really better than the previous landlords. This “light” story represents the personal disappointment of George Orwell who was passionate to have equality in the world. I recommend this book to everyone, because it is remarkable (not even a long one) piece of writing.

Now I’m starting to read second book for my Finnish course and it’s called ‘Before I Die’ by Jenny Downham. It’s about a sixteen-year-old girl who has an incurable leukemia who makes a list of things she wants to experience before she dies. Even though she is dying soon she feels more alive than she ever did. Sounds very interesting and I will dig into it very soon. I think they have made a movie of this too.

Now I’m back to my busy life again. Writing again soon. ;)

I stand beside you trough the years
You only cry those happy tears


Love this song from the nineties. :)


3 thoughts on “Books And Fancy Words

  1. Nice read, and yes animal farm is a great yet sad story. I first read it very long ago and felt it did mirror the situation in my country (and many other African countries) after independent from Britain. Most of the leaders who fought for our independent and who said we are now free and equal and nolonger surpressed ebded up just taking of the place of the colonial masters and in time it was hard for the people to know who was worse our current rulers of the Europeans. Its a fascinating story but all Account. I would like to see the story of the girl with leukemia, I think it would make me realize how sometimes we don’t appreciate the very most important thing in life. Our body, our well-being and our freedom. We all live on borrowed time really in the end..and in a way she just knows when her time would come to an end. This is one thing many of us nevet get the chance to know. Anyway always noce reading your post. Wish u all the best in this academic season. :)

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