Random September Day

Hi readers! The most stressing time at school is here now. I have my first exam week already and the first period is almost behind me. The time truly flies! Which means 7 periods left. High school is sooo fast period of time. Still you can find the best friends from there! And those friendships are for life. I’ve never had so many great friends before high school.

Random: Here is one of the coolest clothes and songs ever: K. Michelle – Can’t Do This. Click the picture!

I want that chain jacket so bad! :D
In The Dark

I have had a lot of health issues lately, but I’m not going to bore you with telling about them. Just trying to get better. I’m actually very happy and me + ♥, we are so special. We are so strong together.

I’ve actually been exploring great post on my blog! I’m not telling this to brag about myself or sound self-righteous but my blog posts are an excellent way to recall what has happened in my life and what amazing things I have been able to get out of me. One of the best examples is my post about my hearing aids: DO YOU HEAR ME?

Now I would like to give credit to my wonderful class mate Saana who is such an inspiration herself. She knows many languages and she actually writes books and I mean real books with hundreds of pages. She inspired me to write even though I was in the middle of reading for my exams and tired. She actually sent me links to her favorite songs and explained me well why those artists were her favorites. It was so touching and inspiring. Here is one of the songs which really touched me:

Here is a poem in Swedish which I translated into English. This one was on my Swedish book… How surprising.

När jag föds är jag svart
När jag fryser är jag svart
När jag är varm är jag svart
När jag är sjuk är jag svart
När jag dör är jag svart

När du föds är du skär
När du fryser är du blå
När du är varm är du röd
När du är sjuk är du grön
När du dör är du lila

Och du kallar mig färgad!


When I was born I was black
When I freeze I’m black
When I’m warm I’m black
When I’m sick I’m black
When I die I’m black 

When you were born you were pink
When you freeze you are blue
When you’re warm you’re red
When you’re sick you’re green
When you die you’re purple 

And you call me coloured!


This post was random but this is how happy and random I feel today. Till next time! Have a lovely week ahead! ♥

I love you,

The song of the day. I love K. Michelle. (Not how I feel though :))


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