Environment Action Days in Karjaa

Moi lukijat! Last week I had a one-week holiday. I was mostly at home relaxing and doing nothing but last weekend I was in Karjaa, Finland. The event was one weekend environment action days (Ympäristötoimintapäivät). Everything was in two languages: Finnish and Swedish. We had workshops and my workshop was called: “No decisions about us without us”. We talked about climate change and how young people in Finland can influence on climate things.

I learnt so much new stuff. For example that first time when climate change was discovered and announced in UN was in 1970. And still it has just gotten worse since. We are making agreements on climate worldwide though which is good. And there are ways for young people to influence on these questions. I could blog about this later in separate post because I don’t have the material yet. =) We ate vegetarian food there and no meat. That was interesting. The camp/workshop was nice change for a while and I can maybe go next year too. I got at least one new friend I could keep contact with in the future too. :)

I’ll let the pictures talk:



The place was actually very beautiful. I would go there for a holiday if I could. The area is actually fully Swedish. As in everything is in Swedish. That surprised me. It’s nice to see the reasons why all Finns study Swedish at school. In Tampere there are no “Finnish Swedes” (I don’t know how they’re called officially in English).

Our ideas on how to influence
Our ideas on how to tell everyone about climate change

Now I’m back to school and being busy again. I believe that the workshop experience has changed my view of the world. I now think more about the things that happen right now for example factory farming, climate change and business world. My choices can make a difference and I will definitely start think about what I buy because I want to save our woods.

The world was destroyed
It became dry too cold too hot
The land disappeared and the streams changed its way
Left them suffering
The fault was in centuries, selfish bastards
New century was brought to the wasted world
To Tackle the sins of the previous
No future, No Stopping, Too late

– Let’s Stop Climate Change. Turn off the lights. Don’t buy it. Let’s Give The Next Generation A Chance to Enjoy Too.

Turn you upside down, don’t want to waste it


A song of the Day


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