Blogger Or Not?

Thoughts about blogging

Pienen pieni pulma/Tiny little dilemma came to my mind while I was talking to a friend about our specialty areas on the internet. She is into drawing and cartoons and she knows those online communities well. How people act, what are their “profession” words and what seems to be the “norm” around there. And my own area is blogging and writing blog posts. I know the platforms and how these things work. But… THEN! I don’t even follow many blogs at all. I don’t comment much on other blogs. I’m not an active fan of anyone’s blog. I don’t read many blogs. This brings some questions in my mind: Am I a good blogger even though I don’t know other bloggers so well? Can I claim to be a blogger? Can a blogger be just someone who posts once in a while or do I need to be a “professional”?

—> This is what I came up with:    

Following many blogs and bloggers can be both positive and negative. The positive part is that you can have an inspiration, tips to make your posts more interesting, tips on how to change your page for even better and get to know many people who you have something in common with. Share your ideas and discus on things. But you can feel pressure to change your ways just because of others. For example many Finnish bloggers have a fashion blog where they take pictures of their outfits. Make up and dressing tips are very popular. So to be popular you might have to take a lot of pictures of yourself with vintage clothes and high heels.

I feel that bloggers are not dependent on each other. Everyone has their own area which they have specialized in. For instance Bigbrovar has a technology blog where he shares his tips on issues with computers and programs. There are many bloggers though whose blogs are not particularly about one subject but more or less about their lives and what they feel on telling about in that specific moment. I don’t have to know any blogger to start blogging, because this is a very free area of writing and broadcasting. But knowing few bloggers have helped me, because they have inspired and encouraged me to write and continue blogging.

I’m a blogger. Though in my opinion if you have a blog but you never update it or have like maybe more like 1 year break that is when it is not that big hobby for you and I wouldn’t call you a blogger. I’m a blogger, because it is my hobby and it is what I do regularly.

Professional in blogging? Some may say that those who have a fashion blog and have amazing pictures and fancy clothes are the professional bloggers. But in my opinion that is not the case. I’m not sure if a professional in blogging even exist. There is not a pro now and there will be no pro in the future. Blogging is a form of art in most cases and I don’t think artists can be pros. They can be very talented in what they do but there is no definition of a real pro.

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So yup! So that this post won’t seem so dry I would write some random poems and lyrics to the end. :)

Suddenly I know what it’s about
Thoughts come in, and words come out
Suddenly I’m not killing time
It’s all over now

You get me
You get me

Like a beautiful song
You heard a million times
Like the rainbows end
You can never find

You get me
You get me

Seal – You Get Me Feat. Anna Eriksson

That one face in your mind
Written in your soul
Carved to the wall of your heart

The smile that brightens your day
The laugh that makes your world spinning
The person who gives you the butterflies

The love which can make your life worth living

A Poem by HmusicK

I’m amazed that I was inspired to write twice this week! :) And to the end I want to add that there are just too many awesome songs to show here so I have two playlists on YouTube: Jams and New videos!

And I’m a little bit lost without you

Have a great weekend and rest of the month! :) Hyvää viikonloppua ja loppukuuta! :)


So cute. :) The song of the day


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