Helsinki, Africa And Art

Leaves touch the ground
There’s no singing
Just the wind blowing
As we move on
To the colder times
To the darker day and night

Poem by HmusicK

Yesterday I was visiting Helsinki with two of my friends. We went to see an art exhibition called ARS 11 – Changes your perception of Africa and contemporary art (and went shopping too). I have seen that exhibition once before but I wanted to see it again and take pictures so that I could share my experience with you. I also really like the exhibition. It’s awesome though. (This post is going to have many pictures :) I’ll let the pictures do the talking.)

Many Nigerian artists had work of arts in ARS 11

These next photographs were buy this guy. There was a timeline of history of Nigeria.

The outcome
University of Ibadan

Head tire
White wedding
Traditional wedding

This reminds me I’d like to have both weddings too.

Something different

More information about the exhibition is here, here and here. I HAVE MORE PICTURES ON FLICKR.

I didn’t add all the pictures here but I chose these for this post. Sorry for the quality though. My camera is not the best with photographs and the light on the exhibition was challenging. Hope you still enjoyed the pictures. The exhibition was very big so I just can’t show it all. Wish I could.

Anyway, this exhibition was awesome and I’m happy we have these here. This is really new, because people here don’t really know about Africa. We know about the history, but the present situation is misty.

The winter’s coming here. It’s getting colder each day. Darker too.

Lost and insecure
You found me, you found me

I’m fine. My life’s just school, school and school. Occasionally about Africa and Nigeria too. :p


The Song of the day


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