Life Is A Competition

Work harder. Study harder. Everything’s being tighten up in these days. It’s like you have to have strength to do more and more, when in fact people haven’t gotten any stronger over time.  We can’t do more than we are capable of, but working and school life don’t seem to accept this. Why does it have to be this way?

The world is so hectic in these days. The news spread in matter of seconds and knowledge is one click away. I’m in the second grade of high school now and when I look at the third graders (third year is the final year) I just shake my head. Most of the time they seem very passive, tired and exhausted. Only a quarter of students go to University straight after high school. The others either have a gap year or they didn’t get into any school. I have a  few friends who have had a gap year, and they have told me that they just want to rest and maybe work and get some money. A gap year can extend to many years, because high school sucks all the energy.

Why is it that, when you get older, everything around you tightens up a notch? Is it because they want to prepare for the working life? Or is it because they want the best for you? Is it because of the responsibility you have to learn to carry?

Now you may think that she is just lazy and that she just doesn’t want to grow up. Well, it’s not true. I actually think it is important to take responsibility over your school work. But I don’t think it is right to squeeze everyone like this, and just to see who will survive. What do we learn about this all though: Life is a competition.

Tuesday November, 29th: this semester’s second exam week is over and I have only this afternoon and evening to breathe. In other countries people have like one-week holiday after exams, but No Not in Finland.

Wednesday November, 30th: new period (3.) starts.

BTW, Christmas is almost here. I don’t even see it coming. I was like huh, what Xmas? No snow, yet. Happy run up to Xmas!

Happy (still not quite)
Loved (love me a little bit more)
Appreciated (make me feel special)
Alive (hanging on)
Worthy (making a difference)
Beautiful (if genes always followed the plan I could be the last blonde)
Funny (I guess you were forced into appreciating my jokes)

I’m everything I am because you loved me


The Song of the day

2 thoughts on “Life Is A Competition

  1. You said: “Why is it that, when you get older, everything around you tightens up a notch? Is it because they want to prepare for the working life? Or is it because they want the best for you? Is it because of the responsibility you have to learn to carry?”

    My answer to all these questions is YES!!! Though it’s not the only way and neither is this kind of education complete. More on that later…

    A great book I read titled “The Road Less Traveled” by M. Scott Peck, begins its first chapter with “Life is difficult.” I have never forgotten that book because it taught me that the sooner I accept that life is difficult, the easier it will be to handle the unending challenges we face in life. The good thing is that most challenges are easier to handle once we have overcome similar experiences before.

    From experience I can say that no knowledge is ever a complete waste. We may never get to use some of the subjects or skills we learn in school directly but the effort we put into learning them has deposited in us a unique experience which we may not even be aware of but which will be brought to play by our subconscious mind at times we least expect, but will be most often grateful for.

    The kind of education we get in school, though, only prepares us to become good ’employees’ and not good ‘business owners’ (entrepreneurs), nor does it teach us the importance of having a well developed ‘financial IQ’, skills we require to be successful in the ‘real world’, but that’s a story for another day…

    In the mean time, I’ll end by saying; just do your best and hang in there :). You’ll be better off for it. Also remember to enjoy and appreciate the little things in life that are mostly FREE.

    Oh, and thanks for reminding me that Christmas is just around the corner… I almost forgot myself. Ha!

  2. Nice Article, Hannah.

    Some points to note is that the Finish School system is quite tight. In Nigeria, Students get at least a three weeks holiday. Crazy.

    Yes, Christmas is around the corner. And we all have to prepare for it!

    How long do you expect have for the Christmass Holiday?

    And by the way, yes. growing up involves additional responsibilities.

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