Merry Christmas 2011!

Merry Christmas! 

How time flies. It has been an incredible, but very tiring year and now there is finally some time to breathe and relax, at least for a while.

This Christmas was a little different for us, because we had one friend over for Christmas Eve. Usually we spend it just with the family only. In Finland Xmas Eve is more important and that is when the gifts will be given for example.

Movies I got for Christmas presents were Mary Poppins, Jos rakastat (If You Love) and Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2.

When I was little I used to watch Mary Poppins a lot. I thought it was an awesome movie.

Jos rakastat is a Finnish movie and it is like a musical and the guy is Finnish-Nigerian. I think that movie is pretty good and different and I plan to watch it together with friends.

And Kung Fu Panda was a surprise. :) Not really fan of animations but I think I will watch them. Actually I watched Toy Story 3 a while back and it was AMAZING I just cried all trough when I was watching it.

Yesterday there was some crazy day in Nigeria. There were at least four bomb crashes attacking Christmas churches. Islamic Boko Haram movement is behind these attacks and they want strict Sharia law to Nigeria. So far Christians are not replying by force, but issues are not properly addressed, which can lead to devastating consequences. Last year there was only one bomb but this year it has gone worse. We just hope and pray that the situation does not get worse. I worry for my loved ones in Nigeria. We just hope that a war won’t start out of this because it is possible.

In other related news Happy Boxing Day! Hope you got great gifts as well and had a great time on Christmas with friends and family.

I can’t spend another christmas without my baby
I can’t take another christmas cuz girl you’re my lady
I can’t spend another christmas without my baby
You know what, and baby I’m coming home, and baby I’m coming home
So baby I’m coming home, so baby just me and you


PS. Kisses and hugs to ♥ and others! :D


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