It’s New Year, New York!

Happy New Year 2012! Onnellista uutta vuotta 2012! Hope it’s a blessed one.  

You must be wondering what the ‘New York’ is doing in the title, well I really love the song “Empire State of Mind” by Jay-Z and Alicia Keys and it is a good song and it’s somehow related to New Year. :)

Yeah, I know I’m a little bit late, but better late than never. =) My holiday has been great so far, just pretty fast and tomorrow I will be going to Helsinki for a sleepover to see a friend who I met HERE. I got new hearing aids today. The old ones were about 5 years old. (If you want to read about them you can do it here.) Yesterday I was in the movies with a friend and we watched The Darkest Hour in 3D (3D is awesome). The Darkest Hour was nice action movie, not so scary but cool.

I have been shopping a little *gröhm*  from the sales and got these awesome shoes:

Love them

I bought this from a shop called Skopunkten in Koskikeskus. I also got some great jeans and lovely dresses. Maybe someday I will post pictures of me when I’m wearing them. :)

Learned that I will be okay
That somehow I will make it trough the day
And the only battle I really have to win
Is me, myself and I
Selfish me
My biggest enemy is me myself
I am stronger than me, myself and I

by HmusicK

I have died everyday waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

It will be an amazing year and I’m looking forward to this year. Very important year. Hope to blog soon again! :)


PS. Thank you Jesus for another year. God Bless Finland and Nigeria.


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