My Heart Goes Out

My heart goes out to the ones who lost their lives in Nigeria bombings. Fear should not catch us. God Bless Nigeria. And I’m part of this.

How can they say that we are finished
We have just begun

We are the future
We are the dream
We are the nation
We are part of this

The future is here
The future is here
Goodbye yesterday

I am the future
I am the dream
I am the nation
I am part of this

Yes I am so amazing
That’s the least l shall be
At the heart of the nation changing history

So get out of the way
Out of the way Of the land of our dreams
We are the nation we are part of this
(Some of the Lyrics)

Tears are running
I don’t know where I’m going
Maybe I’ll reach somewhere
It’s like the edge is around there

since the words are not enough
to express how I feel
I have no choice
Need my time to think of this
one love, one choice…

my heart was overjoyed when you came into my life
love can be my friend, my sweetest lover but also my greatest enemy
that’s how I see it
my heart desires you into my life
my sense says otherwise
that’s how I’m mixed

torn apart between what I want and need
in the end the choice is easy
just how I’m going to take this load
when my choice in the end means it’ll torn me upside down inside out
when the sweetness would come late so late

Words by HmusicK

10 Random Things That I love or Make Me Happy or Are Sweet

Do I need to explain this...

A great point


I can't always text back immediately so I can't expect this all the time, but still it is great
I typically loose things a lot
This is what usually makes me really happy

The pictures are from

I’ve been extra busy with school and I haven’t had time to write, but I’m doing pretty fine. I will have my pram and birthday in next month and I can’t wait. I will have a birthday party and its theme is my favorite color purple. :)

I Just Want To Have You Here Because I Know You’re My Life

Love, HmusicK


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