Music Videos Make The World Go Round

In this post I wanted to share some music videos that I like a lot. Some of the songs and videos are very touching.

DeStorm – Finally Free ft. Talib Kweli

Love it when he sings and then changes to rapping. He can do both really well! :)

Keep trying to get me (keep trying to get me)
But I’m gonna be bold (I’m gonna be bold)
Even when (even when)
I’m tired and alone (I’m tired and alone)
Can somebody help me (can somebody help me)
I’m down on my knees (I’m down on my knees)
And once I get up (once I get up)
I’m finally free

This is one of the songs I really love and this video’s great also.

Legit ft. Arielle Kresich – A Nigger in Northface

This is a real song. A lot different from the usual songs you hear. This video is also so so sad. This video has taken the issue into another level to make an impact. Very beautiful song. Very touching and deep. This rapper and the singer are totally underrated.

Here are the lyrics.

Aduke – Hear The Voice

Aduke made this song around the rise of people in Nigeria to protest against things that are generally messed up in Nigeria. (Mostly they were angry with the fuel subsidy removal and nothing changed.) Love Naija.

Ego – Fall in Love

Every time I’m with you (I’m in love)
Boy I really want you to (show me love)
Tell me what can I do (to be loved)
Don’t be such a heartbreaker can’t we…..fall in love

Gateway Worship – You Are Good

I love this song. One of the greatest praising songs ever. Jesus is the King.

your kindness leads me to repentance
your goodness draws me to my knees
your mercy calls me to be like you
your favor is my delight

you are good, you are good, you are good
and your mercy is forever
you are good, you are good, you are good
and your mercy is forever

Exam week going on and I’ve been just so sleepy all the time. I got my birthday party dress today and I love it. I might be posting pictures of me in the dresses more here. I’t just that it’s really cold here right now so normally I can’t even wear them. Next night we might even have -27 C :S that’s crazy.

I’m going to Helsinki on Friday after an exam week and it’ll be awesome. ♥

Emotional blackout.



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