The Good And The Bad Combined

Olet kuin kaunis tähti taivaalla
Sanat eivät riitä ikinä kuvaamaan
Nukut rauhallisesti
Ei ole enää rajoitteita, kipuja
Kaipaus silti jäi, en voi sulkee syliin, itkeä vain onnen kyyneleitä

You are like a beautiful star on the sky
Words are never enough to describe
You sleep peacefully
There are no more limitations, pains
Missing is still left, can’t hold you in my arms, only cry happy tears

My dear friend Ayodeji Olatubosun (who I have even blogged about) died on Monday 27th of February 2012 at the age of 34. I lost a brother, a true friend and a mentor, but I’m sure he’s rejoicing now in heaven. I miss him dearly and it is so sad to see him go. It’s been a month now. Even though no one can replace him in my heart and it’s heavy on my heart, I know he wants me to carry on and continue his legacy here on this earth. To see how God worked trough him was amazing and I’ll never forget him. I love you. Words fail me… You know my heart. Out there.

Precious in the sight of LORD is the death of His saints. Psalm 116:15

Dear readers, so many things have happened in these past two months and I’m not going to tell you about them now. Maybe I’ll let some pictures do the talking for me and I’m fine. Just very busy with school. So busy that writing has been so much less.

Wanhojen tanssit 2012

Finnish tradition where the oldest students in the second grade (while third graders head for their final exams) in high school have a pram. (Which reminds me that Ayo was there in my pram.)


Tää oli ekalta reissulta Hesaan, jolloin tapasin tulevan/nykyisen rakkaani<3
Rakas karvainen Mauku<3

Sä alat vihdoin viimein käsittää ettet sä tarvii lupaa keneltäkään
Oot liian kaunis häpeemään etkä voi yhtään mitään menettää
Joten anna mennä joten anna mennä
Kaunis rietas onnellinen

You start to finally realize that you don’t need a permission from anyone
You are too beautiful to be ashamed and you can’t loose anything
So let go so let go
Beautiful Wild Happy

Kulta, inspiroit mua jatkamaan jo alkanutta matkaa. Kiitos ku oot auttanu mun vaikeiden aikojen yli. Oot ihana <3



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