First tattoo


Thought it would be a good time to post here something since I have something to share. I got my first tattoo on 15th of February 2017. I had an idea of this tattoo in my mind for about three years. Since it didn’t change and stayed the same in my mind I decided it was time to do it. It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would hehe.

I now feel that I can do anything! Since it is done now, getting an another one will be just for the time being.

I was bullied badly in the sixth grade and that was one of the most significant event that affected me when I thought of getting this tattoo. Other one was that when I dropped out of university of applied sciences. I had to think about what to do with my life and since then been working in a fast food restaurant. It was a big decision and left me lost for a moment. This tattoo reflects who I am and reminds me that I will always survive. Basically, the summary of everything I’ve been trough.

Tattoo was made by Nepalese Sädi in Duck’s tattoo.


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