Nice to meet you. Whoever you are. You’ve made your way to my blog and there to my about me page.

I’m HmusicK. Yeah it’s not my real name but I created my internet status based on that name. I’m Hanna-Kaisa. As you can see it’s from first letters of my names. And it’s HmusicK because I love music. And I think it sounds cool and is easy to remember.

So let’s continue, enough already about my name. Some basic facts: I live in Tampere, the third biggest city in Finland. I’m blogging because I think it’s cool. Blogging is great. You can write whatever you want and add pictures, change looks etc. Express yourself online. Let people know what you think about the world. Affect. I created my 1st blog in October 2008 and ever since it has become more and more important to me. Now it is my hobby.

I’m an open-minded Finnish girl. I love blogging, music, movies, computers (there lives a geek in me), tweeting, African dance and life. I love English and it’s my favorite subject at school. I am Christian and I believe in God. I’m living my life happily in the fear of God in His comfort. Everyday is a miracle made by God. I am happy to live in this world. In case this day was not so good I believe that tomorrow will be better. The sunrise will come. Will give us hope.

13And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. (1 Corinthians 13)

This is my second blog and I’m making this more personal than my other blogs. Enjoy!


VodpodTumblr | Everything in one place

Comment and share my blog! Love you, thanks :) ♥

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